In(Visible) Barriers SS21

Birthed amongst the grey area that sits between Men’s and Womenswear; each piece from our 2020 collection has been developed with fluidity in mind, focusing the two halves as parallel components to create a singular unisex collection. Each garment is built to champion the individual wearer, retaining the value of comfort without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

Bombarded by stimuli and the emotional demands of social metrics, this generation has found harmony in their mutual anxiety. This precariousness is catered to, offering certainty through acceptance and self-empowerment. Each garment has been constructed as compliments to the individual's aesthetic uniqueness. Our first full, fourteen-piece collection blends streetwear essentialism with contemporary high-end styling and details in an exploration of form, presented as singular items with two distinct cut that compliment the style of the wearer. Distinct oversized silhouettes are the foundations of the collection's suiting elements for a contemporary, multi-functional aesthetic. This functional core extends across cargo pant styles that focalise comfort and inject style throughout - creating a staple style reflective of our ethos.

For our personal take on timeless tailoring, we present two renditions of the classic trench coat. Building on a traditional style, the Long Trench brings layered design to the forefront, with functional details creating a piece that is adaptable to the wearer's own style. The Short Trench maintains the wearer’s stylistic choices as a central motif, shortened for further adaptability and layering integration. Wider application to the wearer's personal wardrobe is an essential part of conscious design, bridging the gaps and filling the blanks. The perfect fitting t-shirt, the perfect cut of pants, or the layering piece we've been yearning for. This mindset lends itself to the colour palette pulled from the contemporary art pieces decorating the walls of Parisian galleries, and played across the collection. Muted pastels of purple, green, red, and blue are injectable across a multitude of looks, or as subtle statements of their own.

Just as the wearer's functional needs have been paid special attention throughout the collection, the impact and purpose of production run in tandem. Understanding the radical shifts required to bring the fashion industry into a new era of sustainability, we have teamed up with like-minded sustainable fashion pioneers to realise our joint vision for the future - a future of thoughtful fashion. Core pieces within the collection’s full lineup have been developed using revolutionary textile fibers from Infinited Fiber Company, which have been created using 100% regenerated textile waste. Running parallel, the collection's knitwear component has been developed alongside Sheep Inc. utilising the brand’s carbon-negative mindset. Ensuring a conscious approach from concept to creation, the remaining pieces within the full line-up have been created using organic and locally-sourced fabrics. Each of these partnerships and careful considerations has not only allowed us to create the best possible product but allowed us to design with forward-thinking. Not only are we creating a collection to fulfil the needs of the individual, but doing so in a way that ensures the door will be left open for the next generation of creators.

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